Sqribble  - Ebook Creator Studio Upto 50% Off

Sqribble - Ebook Creator Studio Upto 50% Off

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Sqribble Review!

A Tool That Can Create High-quality E-books

What Is Sqribble?
Sqribble is a web-based software application that enables you to create eBooks, manuals, guides, reports, product information packages, white papers, and other types of digital products easily and quickly.

Essentially, Sqribble simplifies the process of content creation as well as designing thereby saving marketers a lot of money and time.

With an intuitive interface and a wide variety of templates, you will not need to hire graphic design expert or content creators. It is an all-in-one software.

Sqribble Features

Automatic content:
Sqribble allows you to fill your eBook with valuable content; you don’t have to write anything.

This software source content from all around the web and you can also provide a URL that it can use to create content.

You can also copy content from any URL and paste it directly to the eBook editor, and the software will do the rest.

Create automatic table of content:
This software creates editable and fully-themed table of content thereby giving your readers easier navigation.

You can reword and reformat it the way you want.

Automatic headers and footers:
Sqribble automatically inserts headers and footers into your eBook to give it a professional look.

You can edit these to add your logos, branding, contact details, and call-to-action buttons.

Automatic page numbering:
This software will automatically number the eBook for you thereby saving you effort and time.

This ensures great user experience as it will enable them to find a page they are looking easily.

Drag and drop technology:
You can drag and drop content on any page to this software.

It will customize a page layout without you having to do anything.

Add unlimited pages:
You can insert a new page in any place by tapping ‘plus’ button.

You can add a blank page in between chapters, table of content page, or thank you page. The possibilities are endless.

Fully customizable:
You can change elements in this software.

From colors and styles to page layouts and themes with a push of a button.

This will help make your eBook look unique and match your brand.

Add design elements:
You can add new cover pages, article pages, icons, images, new paragraphs, backgrounds, images, text blocks, links, and anything you want to add to your eBook.

It is easier to add any element.

Other features include:
Sqribble has a user-friendly dashboard
This is a cloud-based software, and thus you don’t need to download or install anything
50 amazing eBook templates created by top designers
Templates for over 15 categories
Automatic content creation for eBooks
Great eCovers to help you save time by creating professional-looking eBook covers.
These covers will help portray you as a trustworthy and authoritative marketer
Create flipbooks:
This feature helps you turn your books into interactive flipbooks by animating elements

In addition to Sqribble software, you will also be given 3 bonus items including;

Free Commercial License:
This will enable you to become a Digital Agency.

You will be able to create eBooks for other clients.

Many people are looking to create and publish their digital documents, and you can become their go-to person.

With this license, you can create unlimited books, whitepapers, and reports.

Client Management Dashboard:
This will help you keep track of clients and be able to manage their projects easily.

Feedback engine:
This makes it easier to get feedback about your work easily to know where to improve.

It will also help you create eBooks that appeal to clients since you will be sending them an eBook after doing changes.

Final thoughts

The standard has risen online. These days, your eBooks can’t look like crap, or people just won’t want to optin, buy or read it. And because people are busier than ever, they will only spend a couple of seconds deciding whether your book is worth reading or not.

With Sqribble, you can instantly create books that scream trust, credibility and value, and attract more subscribers and sales.