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Snore Strap - Upto 50% Off

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Snore Strap Reviews!

What Are Snoring Chin Straps?
Snoring occurs when the airway is partially blocked or narrowed, causing the air passing into the body to rattle against the tissue of the throat and nose. Many sleepers who snore do so through the mouths, leaving them a dry or sore throat when they wake up. A snoring chin strap gently holds the chin closed, causing the sleeper to breathe through the nose rather than the mouth. For some sleepers, this can eliminate snoring.

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The Basics — Is a Chin Strap For Mouth Snoring or Nose Snoring?
Mouth Snoring occurs when tension naturally releases and the muscles in your neck and throat relax, or when an irritant, inflammation, dehydration, or other such things interfere with your mouth and throat. It’s by far the most common type of snoring.

Nose Snoring occurs only when the nasal passages are blocked or too small. For the nose snorer, a snoring chin strap just won’t do the trick, as it forces you to breathe only through your nose, which might, in fact, exacerbate things.

  • Breathable and soft neoprene material
  • Sold as a bundle with an eye mask, ear plugs, and anti-snoring nose vents
  • FDA approved
  • Two adjustable hook and loop closure to ensure a good fit
  • Lifetime warranty