Purple Garden Live Readings from Real Psychics - Upto 50% Off

Purple Garden Live Readings from Real Psychics - Upto 50% Off

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Purple Garden Psychic Readings Online Reviews:

Online Psychic Readings


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Key Features

Live psychic chat
Clean and user-friendly interface
Extensive range of psychics
Online psychic reading mobile app
Live video call


Psychic readings via chat
Easy to use user interface
Psychic readings via video calls
Legitimate company
Informative psychic profiles
Extensive range of psychic readings
A wide range of reading types


Psychic readings are not free
Doesn’t publish articles about psychic readings
Customer guarantee needs improvement

What Is Purple Garden?

Purple Garden is an online psychic reading platform from the creators of Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics. This online psychic reading platform has more than 1,500 spiritual mediums on hand to provide readings for people from all walks of life. In addition to the website, Purple Garden has a mobile application available for iOs and Android. Both the website and app have a very intuitive user interface where you can easily find what you need without any hassle.

This online psychic reading platform offers video calls, chat, and voice call readings. Moreover, Purple Garden assists you in choosing the right psychic reader, one that can best answer your unique inquiries. The website allows you to browse psychic readers and read their personal bios. This way, you can get a feel if a certain reader is on the same energy level as yourself. The readers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, certain readers may not be available all the time.

Most customers prefer Purple Garden for its exceptional screening process for psychic readers and the ability to choose a reader of your own choice. Moreover, Purple Garden offers secure payment methods. You can pay for the services using a safe PayPal payment gateway. This way, your payment information is safe from being compromised by potential hackers.

Given the numerous psychic readers on the website, you have a wide range of readings you can choose. From relationships, to love, careers, and more, there’s an answer for everything in your life. The brand’s most popular offerings include love readings, tarot card readings, palm readings, angel insights, etc.

Purple Garden may ask you to provide additional information when placing an order for reading. The details include your credit card information and billing address. It’s important you provide the correct information. Else, the website reserves the right to terminate your account. ,

How Is Purple Garden Different From Other Psychic Reading Websites?

Purple Garden’s psychic readers provide psychic readings via video calls, voice calls, and chat. Some online psychic reading sites don’t offer readings through all these communication platforms. Most of them only provide online psychic readings via chat.
Purple Garden offers a unique feature called Journeys. This feature is only available on the platform’s mobile application.
You have to pay for Purple Garden’s psychic readers. The company doesn’t offer a free trial.
Purple Garden categorizes its psychic readers according to customer reviews. When you visit the website, you’ll see the list of psychic readers voted most accurately by their customers at the top. The company’s website also displays trending psychic readers, helping you know who’s currently popular with customers. As a result, it’s simple to choose the best psychic.
The psychic readers on the Purple Garden platform charge different fees per minute. Purple Garden is transparent about these prices, and you can clearly see them when you click on the psychic’s profile.
Purple Garden provides palm readings and other varieties of readings.
The company frequently offers discounts to customers. While Purple Garden’s psychic readers charge different fees, customers claim they are fair and affordable.

Unique Features:

Purple Garden provides a unique feature called Journeys, allowing customers a platform to share experiences with their psychic readers. This feature will enable you to learn from other people’s experiences. You can click the menu to access this feature.

The Journeys feature explores various life topics that you can access for free. The issues and concerns that the Journeys feature explores are:

When will I find love?
When will we be together?
Does he think about me?
Feeling sad
Relationship problems
Soulmates/Twin flames
Feeling uneasy/stressed
Making a decision