ProperFocus - Upto 50% Off

ProperFocus - Upto 50% Off

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ProperFocus - Upto 50% Off

ProperFocus™ - The future of glasses
ProperFocus is a state-of-art pair of eyeglasses that comes with flexible temples. This way, you can adjust them on your face and the unique shape of your face and nose.

Why should I choose ProperFocus instead of a regular pair of eyeglasses?
The key to its success is its customizability. After buying ProperFocus you won’t have to buy new glasses because of a new prescription.

By adjusting the lenses, you actually adjust the magnification accordingly to your needs. This can’t happen with a regular pair of glasses. You would have to go again to the optometrist and buy a new pair or at least change your lenses – which can be very expensive.

Instant Adjustment For Each Eye Independently

Precise Correction Based On Real User Feedback

Easy Reading With Maximum Clarity

Easy to Clean and Fingerprint Proof Glasses

Polycarbonate Lenses For Maximum Clarity and Resistance

Simple to Use By Everyone, Easy Adjustment and Position Fix

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Where to Buy?

ProperFocus is now available for purchase at a 50% price discount for all users. To book the order today!

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