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Foligray Reviews:

Support For Your Natural Hair Color

With D-Calcium Pantothenate, Folic Acid and Biotin

Great Source of Copper & Zinc

60 Capsules, 1-Month Supply

Introduction to Foligray

Whether you're young or old, male or female, the fact of the matter is that graying hair affects everyone at some stage of their lives. Fortunately, there are simple ways to support your body through this process. Introducing Foligray, the nutritional formula for everyday natural hair color support. The Foligray formula is made with a bespoke blend of ingredients designed to provide nourishing support for hair health and pigmentation.

Understanding the Hair Pigmentation Process

Your hair gets its color from a group of pigment molecules called melanin. Specifically for hair color, there are two groups of melanin: eumelanin, which represents darker shades, and pheomelanin that represents lighter shades of hair. The proportion of these two molecule sets determines your hair color. This pigment is contained within cells called melanocytes, which are located in the hair follicles. Melanocytes dye the hair as it is grown from the follicle, consequently resulting in a strand of hair bearing the same color as your melanin make up.1

What tends to happen over time - with aging and normal oxidative or physical damage - is that your melanocytes produce less pigmentation to inject into your growing hair. The lack of pigmentation consequently results in graying or lighter hair color.1

Foligray Ingredients

The Foligray formula is made with vitamins, minerals and natural botanicals that offer a number of health-related benefits:


Catalase is an enzyme that catalyzes the change of hydrogen peroxide to water. Hydrogen peroxide has been the subject of a number of studies in relation to the oxidative damage it causes, particularly in the context of hair structure and pigmentation (hair color).2

Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic acid, otherwise known as vitamin B5, is sourced from either your diet or through supplementation. Pantothenic acid supports hair pigmentation, healthy hair, natural hair growth, and adrenal health. The adrenal glands produce hormones that help our body deal with stress. This is why some people who deal with heavy stress are more likely to benefit from supplementation of vitamin B5.4,7


Healthy levels of nutritional copper appear to support the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for pigment production. Foligray contains a healthy serving of copper to further support the process of gray hair nourishment.5


Zinc is an important mineral for strong hair and healthy skin. Dietary zinc can also support a healthy immune system.6

Benefits of Foligray

The ingredients in Foligray may provide a number of benefits relating to the natural process of hair pigmentation. These ingredients also help to support healthy hair.

Helps to Nourish the Hair Pigmentation Process

Within its blend of natural botanical extracts, vitamins, and trace minerals, Foligray helps to support healthy levels of l-tyrosine, a precursor to melanin (the color in your hair). Copper, alongside other ingredients such as folate and pantothenic acid, helps to nourish your hair pigmentation system.4,5,7,8

Provides Catalase

The Foligray formula features an ingredient called catalase. Catalase is an enzyme that occurs naturally in your hair structure and is responsible for the reduction of hydrogen peroxide to harmless water. Healthy catalase levels help to support the quality of your hair and the health of your hair follicles. Your hair’s catalase levels will naturally diminish with age.2

Supports Strong, Healthy Hair

The Foligray formula is not only designed to nourish hair pigmentation, it also contains a range of vitamins and minerals that support healthy hair and the hair growth process. These include zinc, silica from Horsetail stem, B-vitamins, folate and pantothenic Acid.4-8

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