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CLA 2000 Reviews:

Unlock The Benefits Of CLA

Supports a Healthy Body Composition
Exercise & Dieting Support
With Natural Safflower Oil


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a form of fat that is commonly obtained from dairy, beef, and other foods that are high in polyunsaturated fats. Contrary to the dated popular belief that high-fat foods are bad for you, many kinds of fat are actually beneficial to health. CLA is one of these special fats. Some research into the effects of CLA has suggested it can support a healthy body composition.1,2,4

What Is CLA?

CLA is essentially a group of chemicals that are found in foods that are high in polyunsaturated fat. Often compared to 'omega' fatty acids (like omega-3 or omega-6), CLA is regarded as an essential fat as it cannot be produced or synthesized by the body and we can only get it from our diet. CLA is known for supporting a healthy body composition. As CLA can only be obtained through your diet, and since relatively few foods contain it, it can be difficult to obtain in a useful amount. CLA extract in a supplement form is one effective method of getting sufficient levels of CLA without having to eat excessive amounts of red meat or dairy products.

The Benefits of CLA:

Is CLA 2000 right for you?

Looking for support for a healthy body composition?

VitaPost CLA2000 provides 1560mg of CLA per serving, concentrated from Safflower oil. It has been suggested that CLA supports a healthy body composition when taken long-term, with the total support ramping up over 6 months and then levelling out.1

Want support for your exercise and dieting goals?

This beneficial oil might just be the boost you want to fulfill your exercise goals. Replacing 20 Calories of fat in your diet with VitaPost CLA2000 could be a great move for your dieting goals.2


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