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Belle Bella - UpTo 50% Off

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Belle Bella Review!

The Belle Bella hair removal system is very safe to use when done correctly. IPL technology was approved by the FDA as a safe hair removal method in 1996.
Please follow the instructions and you will have no problems.

How does Bellebella Device Work?

Intense pulsed light weakens the hair follicle, removes the hair root, and stops hair regrowth.

Is Using The Belle Bella Device Painful?

No, there is no pain that should be associated with treatments. There are 5 strength settings so you can find what works best for you. We suggest you start with the lowest setting and then gradually increase to find the level that's right for your skin.

What color hair does Belle Bella work on?

Belle Bella hair removal system work on nearly all hair and skin types. People with light brown, brown & black hair will results quicker than people with lighter colored hair such as blonde.

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A Portion Of Profits Goes To Breast Cancer Reasearch
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100% Safe & Pain Free
Professional Results At A Fraction Of The Price

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